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Working at Legis Point

Every firm has a distinct culture and environment. Finding a firm with the culture and environment that best fit your requirements and expectations is possibly the most important factor in deciding on which is the best firm for you. Our recruiting process is structured to attract qualified candidates who will most appreciate and foster the qualities that we find desirable and attractive at Legis Point.

Our People

Legis Point is committed to hiring, developing and keeping the best people no matter what their background or experience. We believe our people should be as diverse as our client base and the setting within which we work. We know that having different perspectives and backgrounds allows us to create innovative solutions for our clients.
We promote an inclusive culture in which people from different backgrounds and perspectives are valued and have equal opportunities to succeed in this firm. We aim to provide everyone with the opportunity to realise their full potential as part of our determination to have the very best people working in our team.

Our Culture

Legis Point LLC is defined by a number of key values and core motivations.
Our people are is motivated to:

  • Build strong relationships with clients as well as colleagues
  • Complete tasks efficiently and effectively
  • Perform the best in everything we do

We also have a set of values that we view as fundamental to how we work as a team:

  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Excellence
  • Commercial judgment
  • Determination
  • Imagination
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
We appreciate the importance of Work/Life balance to our lawyers. To be successful in your career, we believe you must also need to be successful in life. We recognize that demands on a lawyer can sometimes disrupt the delicate balance between work and personal live. To that end, we try to assist our lawyers by organising social events and activities from time to time. We also have a 5-day working week and once a week, we have a “dress down day”. Where necessary, we discuss with our lawyers to help them better manage their Work/Life balance. We regularly evaluate our best practices in managing the Work/Life balance of our people.