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“The distinction between a good company and a great one is this: A good company delivers excellent products and services, a great one delivers excellent products and services and strives to make the world a better place."- Bill Ford, Chairman and CEO of Ford Motor Company

Corporate social responsibility is becoming an increasingly significant and intrinsic element of legal practice management. At Legis Point, we understand that good plans shape good decisions. Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is a commitment to our clients, our employees, and our future. We recognise the importance of integrating corporate social responsibility into our day-to-day work and management.

Corporate social responsibility at Legis Point brings value and meaning, not just to our beneficiaries, but to the lives and work of our practitioners and staff. A strong focus on the community motivates our employees, and is evident in our interactions with clients and the community at large. Our lawyers are dedicated in their endeavour to uphold the high standards of legal practice in Singapore, as demonstrated by their sustained contribution to the Law Society. Our lawyers have taken up key positions of responsibility in several committees in the Law Society Council. Legis Point also holds regular charity events, where profits are directed specifically to needy beneficiaries.

Our clear commitment to corporate social responsibility has indeed become one of the firm's guiding principles, and a cornerstone of our practitioners' ethical foundations. Corporate social responsibility has come to complement the set of high-level legal services that we offer our clients, and continues to raise the bar of practice management excellence that Legis Point has come to represent.